Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Day 5 in Alabama (American Eagle Shopping Haul)

Do you think after spending 3 days shopping I would be tired of shopping already? Nah, it might never happened. I am not too old for shopping yet (hopefully will never be).
Maybe I should change my blog name and blog theme, from lifestyle blogger to shopaholic blogger lol
Outfit of the day

My 5th day in Alabama could not get any better. I have been blessed that I was surrounded by people who fully support my shopping hobby (addiction). One of them is his parents neighbor. He works in American Eagle. At first, I didn't know what is American Eagle. Then I learned that it is an apparel brand originally from U.S.A

Mr.X bought me this one with their brand on it.
My usual American brands are Forever 21 and H&M. I was not aware of American Eagle because they are only open exclusively in several countries including London (UK), Tokyo (Japan), etc. Unfortunately they haven't open their brand in Indonesia which could be a big market since I can verify that Consumerism level in Indonesia is really high. We love foreign fashion brand. Me personally loves Forever 21, H&M, New Look, and Stradivarius. And now, after this I am in love with American Eagle too.

Some of the clothes, picture taken from American Eagle's website:

This friend, lets call him Mr.X, has an eyes for style and design. He picked and choose more than a dozen of clothes for me to try. It felt like some kind of fashion show because I get to show it to boyfriend and the personal stylist in the store. Yup, they have personal stylist in the store that will help you dressing up, choosing clothes, finding the right size for you, and giving final touch. How fun!!!

I was pretty lucky that day because they were having 60% sale, and all those clothes that they picked mostly come from the 60% sale.

Boyfriend bought me 4 or 5 outfits for a really great deal. To my surprise, Mr.X asked me to pick clothes that I already tried and in which I like but not planning to buy. I picked 5 of them and he bought it for me. I was really surprised. I mean we just met 2 days ago and he offered such a great kindness to a girl from another country that has no affiliation with him. He said he wanted to welcome me to his country, so I will be back for sure. Oh I will be back for sure, even without the kind act. I know pronounced him my shopping soulmate.

I tried some of the clothes on out trip to New Orleans which will be posted any time soon.

New Orleans on autumn, yet it feels like summer.
A very comfy top from AEO

I forgot to tell you, before we went to Madison Parkway Mall (where American Eagle is), we went to eat some lunch in Mexican Restaurant. They said it was one of the best. I forgot the name. I love their decoration. It was a week prior to Halloween and they already decorated their restaurant. The restaurant itself already has colorful ambiance.

Before we went home, we went to check some Christmas decoration in 2 stores. We went to Tuesday Morning (Yup, that is the name of the store, don't ask me why!)

 Wrong move, leaving me alone with all these fun stuffs. I just had to take some silly pictures. Hihihi

I met one old guy who has been working there for more than 15 years or so. He asked if I am Indonesian. I was surprised because so far people could not tell from which part in Asia I am coming from. I asked him how did he know that. He said he could tell. He told me he just bought Time Magazine with Jokowi's face on the cover. He has been planning to read it and he is gonna do it on his day off. He congratulated me for the new President of Indonesia. My chest was swelling up with pride. I didn't saw it coming. Superb day indeed.

Yuhuuuuu Shopping Haul!!!
PS: Goood news!!!! American Eagle Outfitters in Indonesia!!!!
They just opened their branch in Jakarta. I just found out about the news today (Nov 21st, 9pm)
For now they will be available in Central Park Mall
Go get your AEO Style, ladies and Gents.
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