Thursday, November 6, 2014

Day 4 in Alabama (Shopping Haul with Future Mother in Law)

Day 4 in Alabama I spent all day long bonding with my soon-to-be mother in law. She is such a sweetheart. I had a really good time with her. We went to zumba class and followed with Water Aerobic in the morning. Apparently she is allowed to bring one guest to her gym and I would get a week pass for free. The zumba class was a lot of fun, but I couldn't finished the Water Aerobic because water was too cold. So instead I spent the rest of the time in the hot tub near the pool where she exercised. Mom is a tough lady. Yeah, I called her mom now. I used to call her 'tante' the very first few times we met, because I was still too shy. And now I feel comfortable in calling her mom which I think she also likes it.

Right after gym, mom took me to Ross "Dress For Less". It is her favorite shopping spot. Everything there is always on sale. Oh, Ross is not a Thrift Store. It is more like a bargain store. So everything is new or at least fairly new and not second handed stuffs but it comes with a great deal.

This patriotic looking boots is only $25 or around Rp.310.000. I forgot about the bag, but I love it. It is so pink. I didn't buy it tho. I don't think I need backpack bag. I regret not buying it now. :(
I took picture of boots for a friend of mine who wanted me to buy her a pair of boots. I ended up buying the one in the middle for myself, only $17.39 or around Rp.220.000. So I am very happy about it, because I saw one like this in Jakarta and it was around Rp.600.000.
I bought this 2 dresses. I forgot the price. But I remember I bought everything for only $79 including 4 dresses, 1 pair of boots, and a wallet. Scored!!!
$4 wallet on sale, got it for $2
Then we went to Asbury Thrift Store. Mom told me that they just moved to a bigger store. They used to be located near Huntsville Airport. So far, my favorite thrift store would be Thrift Mart located in Lee Hwy. But we were pretty lucky in Asbury Thrift Store as they were having everything for a dollar day. So we went crazy, both me and mom. We bought plenty of stuffs and mostly each of those stuffs was only for a dollar or 12.000 rupiah.
Our Hauls..Yeay!!!
These dolls creep me out and I just watched Annabelle not too long ago. On the bottom picture, the one in the middle has crooked legs and the one right next to it has a crooked head and body. The one on the left near the white dolls has really red eyes, like blood red. Creepy!!!

I love this decoration. 
 I bought a lot of bags and I was not finished yet. They are all for my mom (Mamah, my mother, to avoid confusion with mom as in my future-mother in law). She is going to decide which one she is going to keep and which one she is going to give away to her friends or our relatives. But she is kinda greedy when it comes to almost other women around bags and shoes. Hehehe love you, Mamah.

I let mom pay for all these stuffs because she also got 20% discount for Senior Citizen. So can you imagine that all these stuffs already soooo cheap and yet we still got discount? yup, I was pretty lucky. But when I was going to pay her back all the money, she refused it. She said it was all from her. She wanted to treat me for that day shopping trip. That was very nice of her. I ended up getting everything for free. Teeheeee!! Yuhuuuu! Horray!!! Hip Hip Hurraaay!! Thank you mom, I really appreciated it and I love you. #blush