Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Day 3 in Alabama (Shopping in Bridge Street Mall)

First picture in Bridge Street Mall
Day 3 was not as cold as the first day I was there. But it was still kinda cold and breezy, so I decided to wear a sweater and a tribal pant that I bought online from BerryBenka. 
Outfit of The Day
Not sure what I was doing, pretty sure I was not dancing here.
We decided to go to Bridge Street Mall that day. Bf would like to show me to one of their best mall in town. the concept of the mall is kinda unique. It is an outdoor mall, kinda reminds me of Ciwalk Outdoor Mall in Bandung. 

The view of Bridge Street Mall
Bridge Street has it is own man-made lake with a carrousel for kids. I was really tempted to try the carrousel/ Marry-Go-Round but the mothers waiting for their kids would be staring at me. So, I just took a picture around the lake and the carrousel.
A view of the lake and the carrousel just behind H&M store.
Loving the boots, I left the boots in Madison tho
I was pretty lucky that day because H&M was having a 70% crazy sale. I got 2 dresses each for only $5 or Rp.60.000. It was lucky buy. Usually I would spend around RP.300.000-400.000 for only one dress from H&M. I bought a lot of nail polish for gifts too.
Bought Lipstick that I was using in this picture (purple)

However, I found out that the price in Sephora was not really as cheap as I thought it would be. It is actually pretty close to the one in Singapore. I have never tried the one in Jakarta, So I couldn't compare yet.

The Wishing Fountain
After walking around the mall, Bf showed me a fountain. He said almost in every water fountain in America, people usually make a wish. Oh wow, that is actually a great idea to attract more customers (possibly teen girls). You are, of course, not obligated to throw a coin and make a wish. But I found out that all the coins they got will be given as a charity, so i decided to join the wishing act.

full of coins 
Make a Wish
I went to Candy Store, I forgot the name. Kinda different than Singapore Candy Factory. They only sells American candies here. In Singapore, they also sells other countries candies and snacks like Ovomaltine products (that I loooove so much). But I was very impressed with their Jelly Beans section and those funny remarks on candy case. Unfortunately I was too immersed on all of that, that I forgot to take pictures (sorry guys).
Candies that I bought
The most famous Salt Water Taffy.
That candy case cracked me up. Oh I forgot to bring back one of the lip balm back to Indonesia :-(
Bought this for my 2 college besties.
We went to check out Cinema in Bridge Street, the name is Monaco Pictures. It looks pretty good actually. It has its own bar on the first floor and VIP lounge room on the 2nd floor. Seems like I will have to try the Cinema once I am there again next year.

After Bridge Street, we went to eat Indian food. Unfortunately it was such a let down. Everything was too milky. I know a lot of Indian cuisine use milk as their main ingredients. But usually since they also use a lot of spices, it will overpower the milky taste. It was not the way I expected to be. It was too milky for my taste, I didn't like my meal at all. I am actually thinking not coming back, but I will probably come back to give them a 2nd chance. Hopefully their Biryani taste better next time.