Saturday, September 27, 2014

Launching Product: New Perspective Perfume from LACOSTE L!VE

LACOSTE L!VE under the umbrella of PT.Aroma Abadi has launched their first in line Unisex Perfume targeted for both gender on September 26th in Plaza Senayan. This perfume specifically targeted for late generation X and early generation Y, a generation with sense of creativity and innovation.

The design and case appear simple, edgy, and bold. It does look like an ink bottle to me. But I do admit that this is a bold design when other perfume brands joining a competition in making the bottles look prettier, this one stand out as if saying that LACOSTE L!VE New Fragrance is not just about the bottle. They took a bold step to make a point that the inside of the bottle matters more.

 New Perspective perfume from LACOSTE L!VE is made from Guaiac Wood, Dark Licorice, Lime, and other interesting ingredients. It smells both fresh and warm in a nice combination.It smells sweet (that it can be used by women), but not too sweet (so it is still usable by men too). Men might like it from it's warm characteristic that comes from Guaiac Wood and Dark Licorice. Women might like it from it's fresh characteristic that comes from Lime and Saffron flower.

During the promotional period, you will be able to buy this product that comes in two sizes (100ml and 40ml) and donate some of the money to LACOSTE L!VE will donate the money to In case you are wondering, is an institution to help children with HIV Positive and AIDS.

The price for the product;
100ml : Rp. 950.000
40ml   : Rp. 650.000

These are some pictures taken from the events;


Local Artist working on Candle Painting

Almost finish with the Surfing Painting

size 40ml