Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Haider, An Adaptation to Hamlet

'Haider', an adaptation to Hamlet will be completing Vishal Bharadwaj's works after 'Omkara' (adaptation of Othello) and 'Maqbool' (adaptation of Macbeth).

" The adaptation was made to portray the political intrigue and history of Kashmir as well as the play's sexual conflicts." -Bharadwaj about Haider
I am looking forward to see Shahid Kapoor in a movie that might be his ticket to the Award functions (not as MC or performer). This will be slightly too dark for my taste, but the trailer looks very promising. Almost can't recognize Shahid's boyish face behind the crazy looking appearance as Haider/Hamlet.
This might be a movie that people can enjoy..even though they are not into Bollywood movie.

I haven't seen 'Maqbool' and I think I have seen 'Omkara' before, but I vaguely remember the story. Omkara wasn't really stick into my mind as I hope it would be. No offense to Saif Ali Khan's fans, but his work as a character actor wasn't as convincing as others like Salman Khan for 'Tere Naam', Priyanka on 'Barfi' and 'Mary Kom', etc.

As someone who went to English Literature major (It doesn't give me any credibility to judge tho, my judgement would be personal whether I like it or not), I am both excited and afraid of this 'Haider' movie. It could either go 'amazingly' well or 'horribly' gone wrong.

However, the trailer and some of the songs preview see very promising to me. I hope it will play in Indonesian's cinema as not so many Indian movies played here. Though recently people has been giving more attention and appreciation toward Bollywood movies.

Here it is, the trailer of the promising movie I have been talking about;