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Getting US Tourist VISA for Indonesian

Boyfriend has been asking me to apply for Visa since last year and even more. But I got so discouraged by so many news and gossips about how hard it was to get Visa Approval for Indonesian citizen. It took me a year to finally muster up my courage and apply for Tourist VISA. It wasn't like I don't wanna go to The States. I just think it would be too much trouble for me to get the Visa. What if they reject me, what if my name is too 'Islamic' to get Visa, what if the amount of money I have in Bank won't be enough for them, and so many other what if-s.

I am not very good at saving money, but for this Visa, I save money for almost a year. So I will have enough money on my bank account. As I heard that the Embassy will check how much money do I have. I feel like I will be judge for my bad habit of not saving money and spending money for shopping.

Then his parents invited me to come. They even send me a letter to my email. So, I decided to get it done. Also, I wanna see boyfriend's baby niece while she is still small. I don't wanna miss out too much of her growing up.

I hope, this can be helpful for those looking for Visa Information. Most of the information here, you can find on their website. This will be based on my first time experience which was 2 weeks ago.

1. Check Jakarta US Embassy to find out what kind of Visa do you need. Here
     You can check it on Immigrant Visa or Non-Immigrant Visa. If you wanna go to US for holiday, then your visa is B1/B2.

2. Pay for your Visa in Permata bank or Standard Chartered Bank. Only on those 2 banks.
Here is the information for your Visa payment. Follow the step carefully and make sure you keep the slip from the bank. You are gonna use it again to make an interview schedule with US Consular.
Print out this slip first, because Bank will only proceed your Visa payment if you bring this slip. Make sure to pay attention to the date shown above. You have to transfer the payment before the expiration date. You can print it from Here
Pick the correct deposit slip. if you are going to pay for tourist visa, then you may click on "Deposit Slip - $160 MRV Fee"

3. Visit the nearest Permata or StanChart Bank. Told the security that you are going to pay for US Visa. They will give you a bank form for you to fill out. Keep the slip given by the bank. You will use the code to get the interview schedule. There will be 10 digits of code, for example: US12345678. Only insert the number on the interview website which is 12345678

4. Fill out DS 160 form Here
Pay close attention to all of the question and make sure you answer correctly. Save your work often and you can always come back to work on it.
Important: Before You Start
  1. Learn about Types of Visas
5. Schedule your appointment Here
You have to sign up first then you can put the 8 digits from your bank slip on the website. Pay attention to the time schedule and what time you have to come there.

Those will be the steps you need to do. But I will post my exact experience on another post. Be sure to check back. Good luck and Have a safe trip.

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