Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Criminal Minds : What Criminal has in mind?

Have you seen a TV series called Criminal Minds? Info

It is a series that started from 2005-now. They have up to season 9 now. I have been watching it back to back on my TV. Then this year 2014 April, I decided to watch it from Season 1-9. Right now I am on Season 4.

Sometimes there are really good episodes that show consistency and sometimes I found several glitch on its character or the story line.

I don't remember all of it even if I want to share it with you.

Something is bugging me tho. I haven't watch the entire season 4 or seasons after that. I do notice that Aaron Hotchner is lack of emotion and sometimes he shows no remorse.

That would be interesting if Aaron turned out to be one of the best serial killer ever or he could be someone who has that desire to kill like all the serial killers, but he manages not to do so by joining the forces. It could be why he choose his (what seems to appear like a solidarity to his co-workers/teams) line of work. He might enjoy it as much as the killers enjoying the killing. He might live off the killings through all the cases he works on.

But that was just my 2cents of opinion. He might prove me wrong in the next episode or season.

Anyway, I would like to know which character you like the most? Mine would be Derek Morgan. What about you?