Thursday, October 8, 2015

Event Report: Anna Sui Romantica

A couple days ago, Anna Sui has launched its next perfume, Romantica. Was name Romantica inspired for Anna Sui's childhood which was never far from flowers. She said she has always been romantic at heart. Probably we can already see that from her trademark. Flower, butterfly, warm golden, fiery red, sweet purple, etc are a clear deterrent on how romantic she is that she carries it out on her products.

The launching was hosted in Central Department Store, Grand Indonesia. In their small yet cute private lounge accommodating 20-30 people. The Decoration for the event was neat and pretty. Everything looks romantic as it should be to perfectly capture the essence of this perfume.

Anna Sui once said 'If fairytales were made of flowers, they would smell like Romantica'.

It is said that in the ingredients, one of the spice they used to create the scent is Indonesian sandalwood. It is not the first time  Anna Sui's perfume has used Indonesian spices on their ingredients. Our country has always been rich in spices. For some reasons, I have that sense of proud when i smell the scent of this perfume. Call me romantic, but knowing that I might live this country to move to another country, this sort of things makes me going mellow. Maybe this perfume will remind me of home once I live outside of the country.

They sprayed the perfume on my flower corset, sooo romantic, reminds me of Prom Party

Scent Review;

cold fresh sweet instead of warm sweetAt first, i smell a hint of guava..but the more i pay close attention it is actually a scent of pomegranate blend nicely with the flowery scent. On my opinion the scent of pomegranate and other spices are over powering the scent of the flowers. 

One thing that I like the most about Anna Sui's launch event, they make us feel special and it feels more of a Soiree where they will teach you some neat tricks. Last Anna Sui's launching event, they taught us to create flower tiara. This time they taught us how to create flower decoration on a cupcake, just like it looks on the picture above.

These are some of the pictures from the event;

Central is celebrating its birthday. There is promo 20% discount for Romantica if you buy it in Central GI only until 11 Oct 2015. Go grab the deal asap!!!