Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Challenge: Spicy Food

Who loves spicy food? I do I do I do
I loooove spicy food. I am pretty proud with my spicy food endurance level. Most Asians have a better endurance level. However, my husband who is half Asian and half white has weak endurance level against spicy food. 

So I have been force feeding him with spicy food little by little to increase his endurance level. I am proud to say he is a lot better than he used to be. 

Once in a while, I would challenge myself to a new spicy dish. Either Ramen with various level of spiciness, cassava chips from certain brand that also comes in levels, fire ramyeon, etc.

Fire Ramyeon

cup Fire Ramyeon
Our recent challenge was Fire Ramyeon from Korea. There are 2 types of packages; cup and the usual one. The cup one is slightly spicier than the usual one. So make sure to try the cup one if you wanna see how much you can endure the spiciness. 

I am sorry for the bad quality of our video. I am not a professional vlogger. I put this on video so my friends can see it, especially my co-workers who have asked me to do this.

Nasi Goreng Mafia

Our second challenge was spicy Nasi Goreng Mafia's food. I ordered Nasgor Berandal level 1 for him and Nasgor Preman level 2 for me. This time I didn't take video of it. As none has requested yet. 

In total, Nasi Goreng Mafia has 5 different level of spiciness from level 1 the least spicy to level 5 the most spicy.
Nasi Goreng Mafia's Menu
Nasgor Berandal Level 1
 After trying a few spoons of this nasi goreng, husband had to run to nearby store to buy yoghurt and milk. As you know dairy product is the best one to soothe down the burnt from spicy food. When he got back, he brought 3 yoghurts and pack of cheese (fake cheese that he usually hates but he said it is crucial for this fight). 
Getting ready with 3 bottles of yoghurt
 To my amusement, he kept continue eating the nasi goreng until half of the portion. I thought he already gave up after the first couple of bites. I have counted every bite of nasi goreng, he would jug a couple swallow of yoghurt. He seems suffering from all the burnt. 
A gift for all his effort
To celebrate his own achievement on eating spicy food. He made himself egg sandwich with fake cheese, mayonnaise, and mustard. He ate it all with the remaining yoghurts. 

On a side note, Nasi Goreng Mafia is pretty spicy even if it was just level 1 or 2. I could not imagine those who would eat level 4 or 5. I have tried only until level 3. 

Tell us what should we try next for our next challenge?