Monday, September 21, 2015

Traveling Thirst or Wanderlust

Have you ever have this urge? What is your life focus and aim? What is it that you want to do and what is it that you want from life?

Is it stable income, a nice properties, nice car, secure job, security, comfort zone? If that's what you want, traveling hobby might not be for you or even if it is, you have to have the time, big income to spend, secure job with flexible time and so on.

For some people or most people, those are not easy to have or get. 
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Currently I am facing the same dilemma. I have a secure comfortable job with a good income (for Indonesian who lives in Jakarta), currently saving to move to US and get a house there. But somehow, I was unhappy. Despite the fact that I am working in possibly in one of the best company ever. There is that jittery feeling that keeps wanting to be recognized. It was Traveling Thirst or many people called it Wanderlust.

On the other side, I am in super comfort position right now. Job is fun, boss is great (also my friend), teammates are the best (they are my adorable sisters), salary is pretty good, office is great (free food and stuffs), I have friends over here, family too. But again, I want to experience more. I don't want to live in a cocoon. I wanna see more of the world.

What would I do if I quit the job?

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I might learn or join a language course of the country that we will visit. Also I want to focus learning programming language as I want to shift my career from Linguist to Computational Linguist.

But, Where to go?

I would love to travel around Europe. But budget wise, Asia is a better option for now. Since I will have to quit my job. Also, husband will need to be sure of the internet in places where we are going because he has to work remotely. This is one of the advantage of traveling with him because he can work while travel as long as we are sure the internet connection is good.

We have been back and forth on our decision to pick a place to stay or travel (if we are gonna do it). At first we were so firm on our decision to travel to Seoul, Korea. Since I know the language, i have some friends there, and we both love the foods. But these days, my decision has been shaken by the fact that I have been there 3 times already. I want to try to go to other places. I was thinking Europe before finding out the budget was sky rocket price. Recently today, I was thinking Australia or New Zealand, but then again stuck in budget. India? We were too scared to go there despite India has always been in my heart. Plus I heard internet is not great there and we kinda need fast internet for my husband's work.

Just today, I told my boss that I would quit working to travel. I gave the office one month notice starting from today. I haven't told my teammates nor my friends. They might find out if they read my blogpost soon.

Here is my Pinterest Tab on Travel related stuffs: Wanderlust

Up till now, I still haven't reach my decision on where to go. If you have any suggestion please leave a comment bellow. We are planning to rent a room or cheap studio apartment in places that we visit since we are planning to stay 2-3 months there. A place with good internet and great foods.