Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Married Life: 6 Months

I can't believe I am married for 6 months now. There are so many things already happened but there is a feeling that things is not changing as much as I expect it to be.
Family picture on our wedding day

Living arrangement

We still live in small room, we lived in tiny studio apartment before and now moving to a kosan (room renting). We paid almost 7 million rupiah per month (including utilities) for the tiny studio apartment and by moving to a kosan, we save 3 million each month.

My role has been rapidly develop in this marriage. 

Once I was a farting champion, due to melodic farting and I did fart a lot. Rest assure, my fart is loud but not smelly. However his was silent but deadly. I am also fully function tracking device. Husband often repeatedly asking where his things are (boxer, remote, black pants, chips, usb, phone, etc). Recently, I am also calendar and alarm clock.

Have we had fight during this 6 months period? 

Sure, we had some. However, the weird thing is that ever since we got married, I could never seem to be upset or mad at him for more than a day..let alone a day, I couldn't even be upset or mad for an hour. Honeymoon stage still maybe?

I remember the last time I was upset with him was last night because he keep playing with his phone when I accidentally hurt my feet (rubbing towel too hard on it). It was minor paint, but I like the attention. I did get his attention, however, when I said 'Fine, I will just amputate my leg!' obviously a little bit dramatic. He spat his gut laughing at what I said. Sigh. I got his attention alright.

We develop similar hobby or activity together. 

We joined free zumba class every Tuesday 7pm in GBK gate 12. Do join us if you have time. He looks kinda funny when he is shaking his booty. I look sexy obviously..lol

Future Planning

As some of my friends and relatives already know. Currently we are waiting for my green card as I am planning to move to the US following my husband. It has been 4 months since we sent the application. We haven't heard a thing from the embassy. Starting to get nervous. We decided it might be good to spend some time traveling in Asia or stay in other country just to experience some more adventure while waiting for green card. I have Korea in mind and has been googling the cost of living there for several months. However, I haven't really taking any decisions.

Babies vs Reality

We both love babies. We think they are cute and adorable. Of course, we would like to have our own baby someday. But not now. Not when we are unprepared. We still moving around. I am still waiting for my green card. We barely have a stable life for that. I am getting tired of people asking if I am already pregnant or when will I be pregnant or If I use any sorts of pills to postpone it. Back off!!! It is highly annoying. I wanna rip my guts every time people ask me that question. I realized Indonesian (or most of them) has no sense of personal boundary. I have try to be nice and answer nicely. But at this point, I just ignore the question or stare coldly at whoever throw the question. The worst, when some people ask question while rubbing my tummy. Today, I am not in such a good mood for a belly rub.