Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Korea: Itinerary in Seoul

Honeymoon in Seoul
I have been posting a lot about our last trip to Korea. But, I have never posted the entire trip story or our itinerary.

In case any of you are planning to visit Seoul and wondering what to do or where to visit, you can use my itinerary as a start or just to give you a general ideas for your trip.

Here is our itinerary
The red color represented our time on the flight or the delay that happened to us.

The blue one was the non-flexible schedule. Mostly because we really wanted to do it on that day for some reason which now I already forgot. hehe

We usually started our day around 8am and started going out around 9-10am. We were such a lazy tourist. I also put the budget or the money that we spent on those places. This will give you guys general ideas on your budget plan. We were pretty lucky because my friend and my boss paid for some of our meal and I got present from another friend. Definitely a nice saving to our budget hihihi

Oh, I would suggest you to create a sheet of addresses you would like to visit. It will be too much problem to keep googling for place's addresses. Better have it ready for you. This is an example for ours.
We always took subway for all our trips to those places on our list. It is cheaper to have T-Money Card handy with you instead of buying ticket for each trip which could cost you more. Or you could get Seoul City Pass instead if you want to visit major tourist attraction because it has advantages for that and also with it you can try to ride on Seoul Tour Bus.

Here is comparison that I made between Seoul City Pass and T-Money, I prefer T-Money tho. Mostly because I know we will be back to Korea again someday soon and it is rechargeable as for Seoul City Pass, once you used up all the credit, you need to get another card. Since we stayed for more than 3 days, it is better to get T-Money instead.