Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Korea: Beauty Hauls

June 2015

Husband and I went to Seoul for Honeymoon early this June. Korea which known as the land of the Morning Calm was also known for their minyeo or beauty. I have been using Korean make up for a while now. Mostly using Faceshop or Etude House for my face regiment and Nature Republic for hand lotion. Thought it is time to try on some other products, I decided to splurge myself on some of these products.

I went to 3 different stores. My original reason was to buy CC cream only. Hahaha Who am I kidding right? Of course I would buy more than just CC Cream. Too hard to resist not buying things in Myeongdong, the center of Korean beauty products. It is like heaven for make up junkies like me.

1. Too Old for School

1. Pumpkin Sleeping Pack sample
2. Jean George Llong (sample)
3. Rules (sample)
4. CC Cream
5. Lipstick
6. BB Foundation

2. Etude House

1. Wonder Pore Black Mask Sheet (3 sets)
2. Cherry Lip Gel Patch (2 sets)
3. Baking Powder (2 Samples)
4. Collagen Eye Patch (1 set)
5. Cranberry Body Wash (2 Samples)
6. Argan Seed Hair Mask (2 set)
7. Jojoba Seed Hair Mask (1 set)
8. Lip Liner (2 pencils)
9. Spoon Sleeping Pack (2 sets)
10. Cherry Lip mask (2 sets)
11. Etude Sponge (1 set)

3. Nature Republic

1. Acai Berry Face Mask (10 sets)
2. Avocado Face Mask (10 sets)
3. CC Cream (Sample)
4. Acacia Body Cream (2 Samples)
5. Aqua Combination Watery Cream
I spent around $80 in Myeongdong for all of this. Not to bad as I bought so many of them especially the face mask, I bought like 20 or more of it for gifts. I have been using the CC Cream from Too Cool For School for a while now. I would probably write a review for this one soon. That is if I am not too lazy.