Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lion Air Massive Delay

As you probably already know about the recent news on Lion Air Massive Delay, we would like to share you what we also experienced on our recent holiday to Singapore.

Our flight JT158 was supposed to depart 6pm from gate D4 (so it says on the boarding pass). As we walked to D4, it was actually occupied by Air Asia and Jetstar. They told us Lion Air is located in D5 now.

Oh well! We went to D5 and they told us it was only for JT160 and JT158 is located in D7. Grrrrrr
We proceeded to D7 just to be told they were already booked for a Japan Airlines.

It was an hour to our departing time, yet we didn't know where the gate is. We were getting nervous. So did other passengers. I saw some of them started yelling at those Lion Air airport staffs. They have been throwing us off like a pingpong ball here and there, D4, D5, D7. We had been walking around back and forth to those gates. Jetstar and Air Asia staffs looked at us with sympathy.

They also delayed our flight for almost 2 hours. All they said is that there were some problem with the immigration. However, this time they gave us food, Hoka-Hoka Bento. I guess they learned something from the previous massive delay case. Still some passengers were already upset about the delay and the gate changing.

It also happened on our way back to Jakarta from Singapore. They moved the gate from A14 according to the boarding pass to A12. Fortunately there was no delay on the flight coming back to Jakarta.

We learned our lesson. No more Lion Air for us.

If you are looking for budget Airlines, maybe try Tiger Air, Jetstars, Air Asia, etc.

FYI, Batik Air is also part of Lion Air Group.