Friday, March 27, 2015

Hotel Review: One Farrer Park, Singapore

This was my 3rd trip to Singapore and maybe his hundreds trip to Singapore. But it was our 2nd trip together. We decided to take a short holiday to Singapore while extending his VOA.

He let me choose the hotel we were gonna stay, because last time I didn't really like the hotel he chose. It took a long time for me to chose one. Then I saw one on Agoda with a glowing review. The price was cheap 1.7million rupiah/night but it has almost perfect review. We decided to stay in One Farrer Park in Little India.

We were lucky because this new hotel upgraded us from basic room to VIP Club Lounge Room without having to pay extra. I think it was suppose to be around 4million/night in the Club Lounge Room. Yeay me!!! I mean Yeay OFP!

Personal Lounge for Club Lounge Guest to have breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea time, basically any time meal for free!!
Snacks and Foods available almost all the time for Club Lounge Guests

Club Lounge Swimming Pool, pretty small but only for Club Lounge Guest, so it is decent size compare to the big shared one downstairs

Lounge seating area

Luxurious looking bathroom sets

Veranda Sitting area with Great View of The City

Enjoying our Tea Time 
We were the only one eating and probably staying on the Club Lounge Floor that 2 nights
This hotel deserves my vote. Room was cute and comfortable. I love that everything is using technology, from shutting down the drapes to automatic feet light to avoid bumping into things at night. The shower head was amazing. They gave us 2 options. I feel like showering under the hot water rain. Love the bathroom amenities too.

Next time, I would definitely stay there again. Tho, next time we can only afford the basic room. Also, it was only walking distance to Farrer MRT and Mustafa Centre too.
It was wonderful and amazing experience for us. I used to work a lot with Hotels to know a great one when I see it and this would be it. Excellent service, high-tech appliances, wonderful views, cute room and bathroom, great enjoyable food. Me and my partner would like to say personal thank you to the lady in the receptionist (we don't really know her name), Malik and Danial for their kindness and great service. Danial was actually befriending me on Instagram and frequently contacted me there too.  Who would have thought that I would make friend with one of the awesome Singapore people in the hotel. It is like his kindness was not just about service, but it was sincere. 

Hotel Link
Location: 9
Room    : 8
Foods    : 8
Service  : 9
Overall   : 8.5

Ps: Probably they could be better in terms of service in the lobby. Lobby area looked kinda dull and They don't have bellboy (or he was nowhere to be seen) and no one to open the door in the lobby.