Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Review: The Cafe at Hotel Mulia

Last Sunday, me and my partner went to The Cafe at Hotel Mulia for their Lunch Buffet. I have heard a lot about them, mostly about the dessert place. They said The Cafe has dedicated room for only dessert. How fancy!!

These are foods from our plates;

My 1st Plate; Texas BBQ, Onion Loaf, Beef Croquete, Roasted Herb Potato
 I didn't finish the beef, both of them as it is not really suit my taste. I am sure they taste great. I just prefer my meat to be induced on so many flavors and spices, instead of a bland one. The onion loaf was sooooo delicious. I am not a big fan of onion, but I ate a big chunk of it anyway. Roasted herb potato dipped in chili sauce was super yummm!

His 1st Plate
 He seems to really enjoy his first plate. He said the bread was fluffy and chewy, a good combination with garlic sauce.

My 2nd plate; Safron Rice, Aloo Kulcha?, Dal Tadka, Butter Chicken, Pappadams
 For Indian food in hotel buffet, I would say this is good one. I would not say that this is one of the best Indian food. Because Indian food dedicated restaurant might have better authentic taste. But I still enjoy The Cafe's Indian foods too, especially the Dal Tadka (Yellow Dal/Mung bean soup).

His 2nd Plate; Crackers and Variety of Cheeses
The Cafe has an outstanding cheese collection. They have at least 15 different type of cheeses; parmesan, mozarela, gouda, blue cheese, cheddar, etc. My partner said (He loves cheese, all kinds of cheese) The Cafe might be one of the best buffet with excellent choice of cheeses and those cheeses are grade A quality. 

My 3rd Plate: Dal Tadka again, Garlic Naan, Smoked Beef
I was stunned as turned out The Cafe has a fancy meat section too. All kind of smokey to tapas looking meat are available. I took a slice of whatever that is, my guess would be smoke beef. For Muslim fellow,  they have pork too there. So make sure you read the sign to find out what kind of meat you are about to eat. I had to get another portion of Dal Tadka. I love it.

His 3rd Plate: Cheese Naan, I called it Cheesy Naan
He was so happy with his 3rd Plate. He said there is so much cheese inside. Just look at how chewy looking is that cheese that came out of the naan. Yumm!!!

My 1st dessert; Chocolate Bar with Vanilla Cookie

His 1st dessert: Napoleon looking dessert,

His 2nd dessert

his 3rd dessert. He actually ate this 2 selections twice. Coconut Pineapple and Coconut Oreo

My 2nd Dessert: Floating Island
This one!!! This is it!! The one!!! Spongey Meringue floating on top of cold drippy chocolate sauce. My highlight of that day!!!

My 2nd Floating Island topped with pistachio. This is just keep getting better!!! 
Food        : 9.0 (me) 9.3 (him)
Service    : 9.0 (me) 9.0 (him)
Location  : 7.0 (me) 7.0 (him) It was tooooo crowded.

Make sure to call and book a seat as it might be super crowded.

The Cafe, Hotel Mulia
Jl. Asia Afrika Senayan, Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta 10270, Indonesia
+62 21 5747777