Friday, June 13, 2014

Uber Comes to Jakarta

I was uber-virgin before and tonight out of spontanity, I ubernized myself. It was a great short experience.
I downloaded Uber app yesterday but decided to use it 5 minutes before i went home from Plaza Senayan.
The app was a little bit confusing but once you get use to it, it is pretty simple and neat.
It says my Uber Cab will come in 4min. But i ended up waiting for 40min. I understand it tho, since the car has to make a re-route due to 3in1 and traffic jam was really bad. Well you can imagine Friday night. Seriously sometimes I am that impulsive. I wish I tried Uber Cab any other day especiall daylight, so i can take plenty of selfies.
The app is kinda cute. The small black car moving toward your direction on Uber Map, operated by Google. Tho the time estimation missed the correct timing, but you can see where your car is from the map. I called the driver tho, just in case he get confused where to exactly pick me up and I check his position. It was spot on just like the map said.
When the car getting closer, the app will snooze to let me know. There is option for sharing too there. The coolest part is that you can share the taxi fee with your friends if you are sharing a cab. Uber will split the bill and charge it to both CC. Yeah Uber (for now) only available to CC. I hope they will come with membership card soon.
The fare is surprisingly very affordable. Just like regular taxi. 7000 rupiah as starter and 500 rupiah/minute. From Plaza Senayan to Benhil only have to pay 31.000 rupiah which is the same amount of money with other taxi during trafic jam/friday night.
But during this month only, June 2014, Uber gives us promotional code 100.000 rupiah for your first Uber experience. Here is the code "UBERONJKT" or "sucif" you can applied it on Uber app. Available on Android Google Play, Apple store, etc.
I used the code and i don't have to pay anything. Too bad it was only 31.000 worth of trip. Should have used it later next weekend to a birthday party. Sigh.
It must be great to make a dramatic entrance with a cool car.
The interior of the car is really sleek and comfy. The driver was polite and friendly, not so chatty if you are not in the mood, but didn't mind engaging in conversation if you feel like it. Just the perfect amount of friendliness.
Gosh, so much to tell about this Uber experience. I typed this from my cellphone. I will see if I can write and share more about Uber after my trip to Bira Island this weekend.
See you again soon,
Eager Jakartan, Suci Park