Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Singapore Trip for a Shopaholic: Part 1, Sephora Shopping

Hi there,

I would like to share my experience going on a shopping trip to Singapore last month. I keep trying to write about it, but I got so lazy hehehe.

Pictures taken before, during, and after the flight to Singapore.

Me and Giant decided to go to Singapore to extent his Visa to be able to stay longer in Indonesia. I stayed in a hotel Hollywood 81 in Geylang Road. Hotel

It was cheap, around 70USD/night. The room was a bit too small, but it was clean and they have a nice and helpful staffs. It was a bit far from the MRT Station, so we decided to buy a 3 days "Your Singapore" ticket for 35USD with refund 15USD/card. This ticket will allow us to travel using MRT and bus too. The closes MRT to our hotel was a bit further away, so we prefer taking bus from Geylang Road. Usually bus no 7 because it covers route to the central of the city like Dholbi Gaut, Orchard, and Bugis Junction.

The first thing I did after arriving in Singapore was visiting my office (We have office branch in Singapore too) for a office related business. Then we took MRT to a closer location from the hotel. Turned out it was not close at all. We had to walk around 30min around noon. It was crazy hot and I started to be more cranky. I could not stand hot weather..well neither cold weather.

We went to hotel and went to Orchard road to find Sephora store. It was not easy to find it. We practically lost our way several times. We kept trying to find the store because I thought the store is not gonna be inside of a mall, we spent 2 hours walking around the Orchard Road. Then we decided to ask random woman on the street. I believed a woman might now Shepora store, since it is one of the biggest make up store in the world. And I  was right. Finally we found it inside a mall, ION Orchard. They should let us know which floor it is. So it will be easier to find. Sigh.

GlamGlow Mud for 92SGD or around Rp.900.000.
Woa this is crazy. I think the price in Jakarta is around Rp.750.000

Boyfriend not having a good time in make up store ;-p
I don't understand why people keep wanting to go back to this place. Most of the products price were actually more expensive than the one being sold in Indonesia. I bought GlamGlow (well bf bought it for me) for 35USD and it was 92SGD in Singapore. Too much when they are being sold for 75USD in Indonesia/Jakarta.

I only bought several things from Sephora, mostly because they are cute.

1. Sephora Cotton pads
2. 3 Shepora Mini Bubbles
3. Shepora Dry Shampoo
4. Benefit Mascara: They're Real

 In the next post I will write about our experience visiting, shopping, and eating in Little India, Bugis Junction, and Bugis Street. Not to miss, find out why I was crying and almost hyperventilating in Singapore Airport before coming back to Indonesia.

2nd Post here!!!

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