Thursday, March 20, 2014

Singapore Trip for a Shopaholic: Part 2 Little India, Candy Empire, Bugis Junction

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Day 2 in Singapore:

My Plan would be:
1. Visiting Little India for South Indian Food
2. Visiting & Shopping in Mustofa Centre
3. Visiting & Shopping in Candy Empire for Candies, Ovomaltine Jam, and etc.

 I woke up around 9am and headed out at 10am. The nearest MRT is Kallang but it was located quite far. So we decided to take bus instead. Since our "Yours Singapore Card" could also be used for bus transportation. We walked for 5 minutes to the bus station.
3 Days Only Tourist Card

The price of each of this card is 35USD, but worry not, you will get your refund back for 15USD. You can use this card for 3 days and for any kind and any amount of transportation like MRT and Bus.

We took bus no 7 from Bef Geylang to Dhoby Ghaut. There were 14 stops on the way, but it wasn't a very long ride, only 15-20min. And I took MRT from there to Little India, only 1 stop.  Here is the link for bus route, just in case you need to use it someday, Bus Route.

I love the busy street of Little India. I can smell Indian food that I love so much. I dragged my boyfriend to a restaurant that I already knew as a good South Indian Food restaurant. The interior was still the same like last year (2013 August), but they used tab to order food now. How cool! The waiters were nice and the place were also clean. What I love the most, besides the foods, were the people there. They are so polite and nice, also very helpful.

The Foods look so yummy!!

Our lunch/late breakfast menu
 I forgot how much did we have to pay. I do remember we were not feeling sorry, either the foods were really good or the price is understandable. I think it was both. ^_^ One thing for sure, If I ever coming back again for vacation or work to Singapore, I will definitely visit this restaurant again. I could never find any place with better Prawn Masala than this one.

Here is the restaurant name card.
I found this in front of a Hindu Temple in Little India

I got Mahendi Tattoo. Yeaay!!

Our happy tummies require exercise now. So off we go to find Mustafa Centre. I went there last August for another shopping spree with my co-workers. I was planning to buy gifts for family and friends there. I found a building name Mustafa Centre, turned out it was a shoes store. So, make sure you go to the right Mustafa Centre. The real one was a bigger building of 3 floors.
Shoes Store Mustafa Centre

Real Mustafa Centre (sorry took it from the side)
I went crazy there. I spent a million rupiah and I think he spent slightly more than a million rupiah. These are the stuff that we found in Mustafa Centre. We don't have this Magnum Black and Mini Mint varian in Indonesia.

I am collecting Jelly Beans in the office.

Super happy with the and cute.

Fake Magnum 

Should have buy a lot more of this one because it was really yummy!

 Those were some of the stuffs that we bought. We didn't take pictures of most of them.

On the way to Little India, I saw that Bugis Junction were having Pre-Renovation Sale up to 80%. I told him that we had to go back to Bugis Junction after Mustofa. He said okay. But we decided to visit Candy Empire store first, located in 9 Raffles Boulevard. It was inside a mall (I forgot what mall) level 1. I found it and it wasn't as big as I expect it would be. I mean it says "empire" I thought it was gonna be huge. Turned out it was just a size of small studio apartment. But they do have a lot of collection of sweets from all over the world. Having a sweet tooth myself, I had to spoiled myself there. Hehehe...

Oooh Heaven on Earth.
Ovomaltine series...Yeay!!!

 Our last stop was Bugis Junction, before we go back to Hotel. We were lucky because Bugis Junction was on the path of bus 7 route. Easier for us to go back to our hotel.

I bought mostly underwear's and we had dinner there. I love their Basement Level. There were so much of food options. He had soup in Spoon Soup place and I got to try all the snacks and foods down there. These are what I got for dinner:
Egglet yummy!

Korean Chon Chicken
I tried Egglet and Korean Chon Chicken even before they became famous and crawl their way in to Indonesian food hawkers market. Tired and full, we decided to go home. While I was waiting for the bus, I saw this Bugis Street. It looks interesting. So, I keep that in mind to visit Bugis Street the next day.

 That is all my journey for day 2 in Singapore. Stay tune to find out why I did another shopping spree in Bugis Street, What I found in there and Why I was so happy yet feel sorry for making Bugis Street my last shopping destination. Thank you for reading this post. I hope you will have a good time in Singapore next time you visit the Lion Head Country. See ya!