Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Singapore: Short Getaway

Several weeks ago, me and husband decided to go to Singapore for a quick and short getaway. We spent 3 days 2 nights in Singapore. We chose to stay in One Farrer Park Hotel as it is close to Little India. Our plan on this trip was to do more culinary tour around Little India, Kampung Glam, Arab Street, and Bugis which are close (walking distance) from the hotel.
One Farrer Park Hotel and Hospital within the same building
Last time we used 3 days MRT card for tourist. But this time we didn't bother to buy it since it was all within a walking distance. 

First day, we came at night due to awesome massive delay of Lion Air. One Farrer Park Hotel was nice enough to upgrade 2 exhausted guest after such delay. It was instantly upgrade our experience for the better. 
Found a cute looking hotel on the way to Arab Street
2nd day, we decided to go to Arab street, Kampung Glam, and Bugis for some shopping and culinary tour. We walked around 30 minutes from hotel to Arab Street.
Bussaurah Street

Middle Eastern Restaurants filled the streets
This street took me to middle eastern. Everything on the street has middle eastern feeling. It was bright and sunny day too. So many restaurants and some gift shops there. We decided to pick a Yemen restaurant.

We ordered all combination of appetizers with Peeta bread. 

Left to right; hummus, falafel, fatoush salad, babaganoush and Peeta Bread on the bottom

This is how you are suppose to eat it, wrap it like sandwich and Yumm!!!
Lunch was supeeer yummy!!! I was not so sure about middle eastern food before. Husband (back then boyfriend) keep taking me to Middle Eastern restaurant but I was not always like it. Till I tried this one. Turned out it was soooo good. Apparently I hadn't eat a good proper and authentic one before.

With all the food on our belly, we went to Bugis Street for a quick shopping in Bugis Street Market. I was going to buy some dresses. Husband was not a big fan of crowded place. He was pouting all the time. So, we decided to go to Bugis Mall instead to get his favorite Chewy Junior. It was my turn to pout since I couldn't buy any new outfits in the market. :-(
Managed to buy this tho; Kaya Ball Durian Flavor
Aaah look how beautiful my Kaya Durian Ball
Last time I visited Singapore, I bought Egglet or Egg Waffle and I thought to myself that soon it is gonna be a new trend in Indonesia (Jakarta). Then not too long after that, it was indeed becoming a hawker trend in Jakarta. I have the same prediction for this Kaya Ball too. Let's wait and see.

Day 2
We were  too lazy to go out early. I was coughing all night long too. Seems like I caught a cold. We only went to Mustofa to buy Muruku snack (my most favorite snack), gifts, and some Indian spices. I am in the mood to cook a lot of Indian foods these days.
Ovomaltine was only Rp.80.000 in Mustofa Center
Food court in a Mall close by to our hotel 
cute decor
Bought this keychains for our apartment keys
Have you heard about Banana Apollo? It was very popular in Little India (Singapore) as one of the best Indian restaurant in town. We went there and they live up to our expectation. The food was served on banana leaf. Everything was super delicious. The restaurant was kind crowded. But we got a funny guy served us. We went back on the 3rd day before going back to the airport. I would definitely come back again the next time we visit Singapore. Seriously this place is a must visit for those who loves Indian foods.

Oooh I miss this foods again!!!
It was sort but enjoyable trip to Singapore. Would love to go there again someday soon.