Thursday, July 21, 2016

Green Card and Moving to America

It has been a while since the last time I posted an article on my blog. Sorry about that. Life has been a roller coaster lately with all the spousal visa last process and moving to America thing. Now I am nicely settled in Alabama. I got time to tell you the process of all this recent big changes on my life. I am posting it in here so someday I can look back and be grateful for it.

Here goes...

Green Card

Source: Immigrationdirect
A card that symbolizes an American dream for many and an identification card for most. It was a long painful waiting for us to get this Green Card. I am sure it was nothing compare to other people's experience waiting for this card. However, the uncertainty and the waiting period were really not something I would like to remember again. We were unsure how long can I work as I was working as Contract Employer and my Employee would like to know how long I can stay with them. Due to the uncertainty of the waiting process, I had to quit my job a couple months prior to leaving Jakarta. My contract job ended on March and we flew back to America on early July. So, I spent considerably amount of time being a stay at home wife. The total amount of time since we applied for the visa (CR1) until we got it was 1 year. Exactly 1 year. I got it approved right after my birthday. How about that!!? hehe

Fly to America

End of June, we got our visa approved. Wooohoooo. We were so happy. We immediately bought flight tickets. Pretty expensive as it is summer holiday and we were not planning this ahead of time. A couple days after celebrating Ied with the family back in my hometown, we flew back to America through Abu Dhabi with Etihad Airlines. I might going to write about our experience with Etihad someday.

To our surprise, Abu Dhabi has a US Clearance Port where we can get through US Immigration Port of Entry in Abu Dhabi. So we don't have to do it again in Chicago which gonna make the process a lot smoother and faster before our third connecting flight to Huntsville (Sweet Home Alabama).

The guy in US Clearance was really nice. My process doesn't even take more than 5 minutes. He immediately said 'Welcome to America!'

Our total journey from Jakarta - Abu Dhabi - Chicago- Huntsville was 34 hours. Such a looooooong journey. The first thing I do in Chicago was finding a restroom and pup. Lol.

Panadol, life saviour
We were so happy with the Abu Dhabi Immigration process that we didn't have to get our baggage out and get it through security check again. Just immediately fly to Huntsville with our baggage already taken care for.
First Meal in America

Sweet Home Alabama

So sweet. Welcome Home sign.
We arrived in Huntsville Int.Airport at 6pm bright night. I was amazed. How could a 6pm looked like a 4pm weather in Jakarta. Then my in laws (I called them Mom and Dad) told me the sun starts to set around 8.30pm. Whaaaaat!!?

For now, we are staying at Mom & Dad's as we are looking for a house that match our criteria. I really like Mom & Dad's house pretty close to town but still in considerably quiet area. The house is always neat and clean. Mom really makes the house feels more like a homey home.

I was welcome with great hugs from them and my husband's younger brother and his kids. Mom cleaned the room and already have it ready with some of my stuffs that I sent earlier this year.
Our Bedroom

My Stuffed Animals guarding our room

I just love walking closets

Our first meal at home

7pm yet it feels like 4pm Indonesia time
It has been a week living in America now. I am still adjusting to so many things. I am excited to learn more stuffs about my new home country. (I am still Indonesian, for those who ask) But America will be our home where we live in.

I will try to update more about my life here and how are we (mostly me) adjusting with everything foreign.

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